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A lowly intermediate mountain biker who loves to ride the big kids' trails with roots, rocks, and ruts. My favorite trails are around Moab, UT, Lake Tahoe, Downieville, CA, and near the west entrance to Zion National Park and Bryce National Park. Mostly I ride the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Yeti 2016 SB4.5c Trail Bike Tested In Moab

The Yeti 4.5c being tested on the Moab Brand Trails, Moab, Utah.
The Yeti 4.5c being tested on the Moab Brand Trails, Moab, Utah.

Update from Moab October 2016:  I tested the 4.5 against the 5.5 and 5+ at this Outerbike and for combined agility and roll-over at intermediate speeds this is my preferred ride.  However, the 5+ is VERY tempting 🙂

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The 2016 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert Redesigned – Excellent!

Specialized Stumpjumper
The 2016 29er version of the Specialized Stumpjumer.

I rode the gnarly rocks and switchbacks on the Stiles Ranch Trail in Santa Clara County’s Santa Teresa Park in south San Jose at Trailhead Cyclery’s Dirt Demo on November 8, 2015.  This trail is upper intermediate technical difficulty and one of the best test tracks I’ve found outside of Moab.   I hit every large rock I could target and avoided the best lines.  Some rocks were 6″ or so in height and presented a vertical face to me.    The rocks are spaced close to each other in many places so you hit them one after another will little time to prepare for the next.  I never popped up my front wheel to climb them.

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My Most Popular Trail Analysis Video – Porky near Moab!

The Porcupine Rim Trail and assorted trails above it are part of the famous Whole Enchilada trail system near Moab, Utah.  This video analyses the lower sections of the Whole Enchilada from Kokopelli Trail down UPS, LPS, and Porky to the Colorado River, and epic ride for intermediate and advanced riders.

Value Propositions For Intermediate Mountain Bikers

Why do intermediates ride?  Why are we interested in mountain biking?  What are our concerns?  Do we care about racing which is about 90% of the marketing in the MTB industry?

I’ve been in many hundreds of conversations out on the trails with intermediate riders.  The following list seems to be what most intermediates want from mountain biking:

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One Of The Western U.S. Best Trails – Thunder Mountain In Utah

This video is a couple of years old and still very current.  I’m moving it from my old channel to Intermediate MTB as I reorganize my media.  The Thunder Mountain Trail in Utah is one of the best in the Western U.S. but is far from the popular regions and gets neglected by most riders.  The 15 mile loop is worth the effort to get there and ride it!

Site Setup In Progress November 2015

I am setting up this site to augment my popular Trail Analysis For Intermediates series on YouTube and to blog about other issues important to intermediate mountain bikers.  This site will include my MTB YouTube videos in posts.  Please subscribe to this blog if you would like to stay current with issues for intermediate mountain bikers.

Subscribe To Intermediate MTB YouTube Channel as another way to be notified of new videos.  My focus will be trails in California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado and bike evaluations at times.  I’m planning to re-visit Sedona, AZ where we used to bike long ago. The older videos on my personal channel will be replaced with new ones on this new channel.  Finally getting a bit organized.