2016 Live Intrigue (Giant woman’s bike) Agile

My wife Katya demoed the Liv Intrigue on the South Rim and Hidden Canyon trails on Gooseberry Mesa, Hurricane, Utah during the Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival in March 2016.  Those are upper intermediate to double black diamond trails and a serious test of a bike.

Live Intrigue 2016

Her conclusion, the bike felt light and sporty and she had no problems with the less expensive components compared to XT level components on her Yeti.  Katya is a slower cautious intermediate rider who rides the toughest trails but knows when to walk it.

The bike is a 27.5er alloy trail bike at 29.5 pounds with Deore and SLX brakes and shifters, 2×10 gearing, the Fox 34 Float Elite 140mm fork, and the rear had a Fox Float Performance Elite DPS.

I can’t give my usual review because I didn’t ride it.  I was on an outstanding Ibis Ripley LS at the time.  However, if she was impressed and felt safe and confident that says something.  I would certainly recommend that women try the Liv line from Giant.  This bike is good value with decent quality components.  A good opportunity to get a solid performer at a significantly lower price than many that I review.

You're thoughts?